Body-Mind Healing Holistic Therapy
Body-Mind Healing Holistic Therapy
Reiki Healing Balances your Chakras
Reiki Healing Balances your Chakras
Meditation is the gateway to peacefulness
Meditation is the gateway to peacefulness
Hypno-therapy helps to release old belief patterns
Hypno-therapy helps to release old belief patterns
Hypnotherapy helps to release your past beliefs.
Life Counseling can reduce anxiety
Life Counseling can reduce anxiety

What is Body Mind Healing ?

icon256_108_mandalla2Body+Mind healing is a form of alternative medicine, using one’s mind to help you heal the body, or generally improve one’s feeling of well-being. One of the first steps benefiting from this type of self-improvement is to realize that you have total control over your mind and your thoughts. The Body-Mind healing process begins by uncovering some buried beliefs and emotions that are stored in your body that can cause pain, discomfort or both.

My techniques are designed to help establish a healthier way to understand your mind, increase your ability to be in a relaxed state and relieve your body of negativity. Combined, these help to bring your body and mind into a positive healthy union whereby your body mind is working in harmony. Most of us deal with them separately, when actually, they are fundamentally supposed to work together as a team!

energy-reiki-healing-crystalsWhat is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing works with the chakras or energy centers of the body, and meridians / energy channels of the body to help balance the body and mind.


icon256_105_mandalla1How does Reiki Healing work?

After the hands are placed over the certain body area, treated person feels the gentle flow of energy, which may manifest itself as heat, cold, tingling, chills and others.  Reiki does not and can not harm; it reaches those places of the body, which require energetic balance.  Dissolving negative energies concentrated in the energy blockages, Reiki, rather than affecting only the level of symptoms, reaches the core level of the causes of a dis-ease.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is learning how to quiet the mind and relax the body to bring you into a healthy natural balance. This will help to calm your nerves and feel more relaxed and in control of your life. There are different kinds of meditation, but I utilize progressive relaxation instead of repeating a word or mantra.


fishing-164977-960x500-150x150What does meditation have to do with Body Mind Healing?

My meditations will help produce gentler state of mind so that you can begin the process of body-mind healing. The most positive and interesting part about this work is that you see how your body and mind truly work together. Once you recognize the relationship between your body and your thoughts, you can begin to merge the two in new ways that work together to bring about a state of peacefulness and equilibrium. When you gain peace and understanding at this level, you can begin make the changes that you want from the inside out.


What is Life Counseling?

My Life Counseling therapy techniques will help you with current and future life hopes and dreams. Life counseling also helps to understand what’s holding you back from attaining the life that you desire.


What is Hypnotherapy?

My Hypnotherapy and time-line techniques are utilized in conjunction with other therapies to help with issues of the past including relationships and un-resolved experiences (and not addictions or weight loss).



chakras-150x150What is Visualization and Imagery?

At this moment if I asked you if you could imagine being at the beach, you would begin to picture the beach in your mind’s eye, and that is basically what visualization and imagery is. It’s a thought that creates a visual image that you can ‘see’ in your mind.


icon256_111_mandalla4_grnI’ve tried meditation and I just can’t sit still. How can you help?

During our sessions, I’ll guide you slowly and at your own pace. You’ll begin to feel the benefit of rhythmic and diaphramatic breathing which helps you move into a state of deep relaxation. I will also also help you to become more mindful and focused and stay connected with the meditation process.


pic-candl1-150x150Sometimes, I feel anxious simply trying to relax. Is this normal?

Some of us are overworked, over-stressed and over-whelmed, and live what seems to be a ‘normal’ state of being: hurried and anxious. We have learned and have become accustomed to feeling this way! My Body+Mind healing sessions will help you to feel better and live more in the moment.


seaCan these techniques help me with headaches, backaches, or anxiety?

Yes, my multi-technique approach to healing can help. From my own personal experience, I’ve found that my Reiki, Hypnotherapy and other healing and balancing techniques combine to provide very effective and natural forms of healing.


Tarot Card and Angel Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings are an ancient form of entertainment that can help with understanding current life issues and insights into the future. Angel card readings provide daily guidance that show spiritual overtones within your life. I provide Tarot Card and Angel Card readings for individuals or parties.